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We develop different applications in ActionScript, JavaScript that works with any database (MySQL, SQL Server, etc) and active pages (ASP, PHP, JSP, etc)

You can send a mail to us to get a quote of a project or leave a comment here.


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  1. Hi Ronald, I visited your ActiveDen projects and it’s amazing. I need your help in creating a custom flash project.

    I need to create an Interactive Movie Theatre with Pie chart, people etc.

    I need this for a presentation. I need a XML for inputting the chart data (Categories, Values, color etc).

    When we input on XML the the theatre should become crowded with animated peoples.

    For example, a empty theatre means 0% sales.
    If I input on XML Samsung= 30%, Apple=60% and others =10% then the seats should filled with 30% Samsung , 10% others and 60% Apple people and clapping.
    On the screen I need to show some slide like pie and random result values from XML input.

    I hope you understand the idea. Please contact me through email. thank you very muh

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